Settling in as a Second Year Student

As the season changed from Summer to Autumn, I arrived back in Cardiff to begin my second year of University. I am living with Ellie and Benita, two friends I made last year at my halls; therefore, I couldn’t wait to get back to see them.

I am living in Roath, an area of Cardiff known for its bustling streets and student houses. Before we secured our house, we originally looked at accommodation in Cathays – an area that is a great for students. A five-minute walk to the Student Union and a ten-minute walk to the centre of town, this student suburb offers small houses at big prices. Comparing both Cathays and Roath, it became apparent that Roath was better value for money, even if it added a ten-minute walk to our university commute each day.

I arrived the second week of freshers’ when all the events were in full swing. Luckily, I secured the biggest room in the house, and I continued to unpack my room into the night whilst Ellie left for the UV Paint Party at the SU.




AFTER: My Completed Room

As the days past, I relaxed into the swing of student living. Waking in the PM and lolling around all day – until you need a nap to re-energise. Oh! How I’d missed being a sloth without being scolded by my family for being ‘lazy’.

Student living seemed a breeze, until late one night I heard Ellie scream. Jon – our only male flatmate – and me rushed to her aid in the living room to find her exclaiming she had just seen “A spider type thing that was fluffy, sandy and looked like a mouse.” Oh dear. I was notified by the landlords before we moved in that there had been a pest problem last year, but I was assured that it had all been sorted. A text to the landlord was swiftly sent. Within 24 hours Cardiff City Council had sent pest-control. It’s a horrible feeling knowing that you are the catalyst in the extermination of these innocent creatures. A burden I am still carrying a week later. I suppose the implications of the mice’s presence is a hazard to all those involved.

During Freshers’ week, the Freshers’ Faire is a MUST. Hosting societies and local businesses; the faire is a great way to make friends, fill your social events calendar and earn LOADS of freebies. From pens to pizza, if you’re looking for a cheap way to hoard all your favourite university things; get down to the Freshers’ Faire.

Now that I am coming to the end of my first week in my new student house, I’ve realised that this year is going to be extremely eventful. Within the first couple of days I had dealt with a mouse infestation; midnight banging noises that I had desperately tried to ignore, I washed and ironed my own laundry without the aid of my mother, and did NOT burn the house down to the ground.  In all, a rather successful week!




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