Top Tips for Freshers’

Yay! It’s time for university! Whether you’re a returning student to a naive newbie, here’s your top tips for surviving Freshers’ week.

Be prepared to meet new and exciting people. 

  • Meeting new people is nerve-wracking. But remember, everybody is in the same boat. All types of people enrol at university, and it’s important to be open-minded when it comes to first impressions. Most people behave differently when they meet new people to try and impress, and often it comes across as over-confident and annoying. It’s important to remember that it’s a very new setting and you’re going to be seeing and living with these people for the next year. Be kind and not-overly judgmental. The person you clash with at the beginning might be your best friend by the end of the year- and vice versa!

Sign-up to anything and everything. 

  • Societies are a great way of meeting new people and engaging with experienced students. Society fairs open your eyes to the kooky world of your university societies. From tea to Harry Potter, there’s a society out there for you! Sign up for them all – nothing is stopping you! Once you’ve signed up, you’re not obligated to attend if you change your mind.  It is always a good idea to sign up for your course society. Here, you can meet people in your school and share idea’s with like-minded people.

Your student loan is a god-send, but also the devil-incarnate on a night out.

  • Never having any money before and suddenly becoming loan rich allows you to splurge on student sales and freshers’ week. But remember, that money is for you to live! You need to design a budget so you know your allowance and live by your means. An overdraft is not your friend! Remember any money you spend will have to be repayed. Don’t spend your money before rent is due, and don’t get debit-card happy on a night out. Buying your mates drinks is not friendly if you can’t afford it. It’s masochistic. Remember you’re an independent adult now, and you have to handle your finances in an adult way.

Be covetous of your stuff in shared spaces.

  • It may sound harsh, but you need to set boundaries from your other housemates. Communal areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom need order. That means always putting your stuff away. When something is left out, it becomes a free-for-all and anyone will take it.

Freshers’ wristbands are a con.

  • Do not get a wristband. You end up paying a fortune for a freshers’ band that only becomes value for money if you go to an event every single night. Plus, it’s most likely guaranteed that your mates will be going to other events that you’ll end up paying extra to enter.

Go to each uni briefing, despite the hangover.

  • This is your chance to meet your course mates! You’ll sit by a stranger who ends up becoming your lecture buddy. Despite the thumping headache and nausea, these induction week briefings are really helpful and inform you of what to expect in the coming year.

Don’t mock the sober few.

  • Remember, your sober party member will end up being the person getting you back to the house safely at the end of the night. Don’t lose your decency on a night out, be nice to everyone and remember that drinking alcohol is a choice, not a necessity.

Look after yourself. 

  • Freshers’ is fun! And despite what you’ve heard and what other people are doing, it doesn’t have to be an event where you ruin your reputation OR your liver. Be aware of your surroundings and know your limits.

The top tip for freshers’ fortnight is to enjoy yourself! It’s a time to kick off the academic year with a bang! With these simple tips above, you can guarantee that you’ll have a great freshers experience without making the rookie mistakes of the unlucky-few.


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