So Long Summer of Sixteen

The Summer of sixteen has finally come to an end.

Goodbye to the short sleeved t-shirts and inappropriately short shorts. Hello to the chunky knit jumpers and wooly socks.

The summer has been long. As a student, finishing at the beginning of June and having to last until the end of September on the debris of one’s student loan is tough. Despite being skint and all of your uni friends being miles away back home; the bitter sweet delights of the British summertime will be sorely missed.

Infinite summer lie-ins are always a perk. As much as students become VERY accustomed to a lie-in almost every day, the odd, inevitable 9am seminar constantly ruins the winning streak of slumber that is required for undergraduates.

Plus home-cooked meals cannot be matched back at your student house. The beauty of opening a fully stocked fridge is an emotional experience. And that is no over-exaggeration. Imagine spending nine months having very little in the fridge and then returning to a bottomless pit of scrumptious food on demand. Heaven.


Scrumptious Summer Delights

From spending time with family, re-establishing the old routine of home-life and having endless opportunities to navigate your home terrain in the splendid sunshine; the summer becomes an opportunity to unwind and regain the morals and civility once lost as a struggling student living alone. Despite this, the joys of being home for the summer simply cannot match the fun and excitement of student life. Time becomes stretched, and you find yourself counting down the days until you move back to your student house.

As the end of summer sets on the year, the Autumn of 2016 dawns. Its tell-tale signs involves the mandatory IKEA haul to restock on housing essentials, and the swell of e-mails filling your inbox.

Structure is the key to sanity. The wildness of no summer schedule becomes an unforgiving weight after a while. Days are spent itching for purpose and pining for the future exploits of the upcoming school year. Whilst the peak of the summer wonderful, the end of the summer becomes a waiting game that, in truth, is a burden.

Now that we say ‘So long’ to the Summer of 16, it’s time to not mourn its loss, but anticipate what is to come. As we look back at summer snaps and re-tell anecdotes of the wonderful summer, this coming September we can also prepare ourselves for a new chapter of life. With actual money do to things! September is the month of student loans, brand-new timetables and Fresher’s flu. And I, for one, can’t wait!



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