Welsh Wayfarer

The dramatic scenery of West Wales cannot be matched. Angry waves continuously crash against the jagged rocks of the coastline. Every corner of West Wales is another story waiting to be discovered. And so, considering this, I packed my hiking boots and off I fled to ramble the lush country that I call my homeland.

I drove into the sleepy village of Merrion, Pembrokeshire under the twilight sky. An overturned vehicle on the final stretch of the M4 delayed our journey by an hour; but alas! We had arrived.

Pembrokeshire is known for its stunning natural beauty. Just a quick google will give you the best sights to see- if you can get any signal that is! Merrion is situated between Bosherton and Fresh Water West (Aka Dobby’s resting place). Between these stunning sites is the Stackpole Estate. On this expanse of land maintained by the National Trust, you can discover the wonderful scenery of Barafundle Bay; St.Govan’s and the Stackpole Lilly Ponds.

After a lazy morning at our residing cottage, we decided to embark on Barafundle bay. To reach the bay, it is required that you walk across the headlands of the National Park. The wind picking up the closer you get to the bay, once you reach the brow of the cliff Barafundle beach floods the panorama.


Barafundle Bay

The weather only permitted an hour at Barafundle. We soon moved on to St. Govan’s church. The chapel, which resides upon the cliff face, is a medieval sanctuary believed to have healing properties within its walls. The feat of architecture that maintains this ancient building is framed by the crashing waves of the Pembrokeshire coast. It is amazing how relentless nature is! Despite struggling to stay upright due to the wind, there was an air of peacefulness about the place.


St. Govan’s Church

The best thing about holidaying in West Wales is how it encourages family time. We spent the night playing games and drinking prosecco into the small hours, creating memories and laughing the night away .

On our final day in Pembrokeshire, we visited Stackpole Lilly Ponds. It is known for its otters and numerous ponds of water lilies. The rain wasn’t going to stop us this time! Despite the pouring rain, we walked along the water bank searching for a glimpse of the famous Stackpole otters. Unfortunately, the otters were more deterred by they rain than we were!


Stackpole Lilly Ponds

The relentless weather perfectly characterised the British summer holiday. Not allowing the elements spoil our fun, we continued to had a brilliant weekend in Pembrokeshire.


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